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August 25th, 2009 No Comments

While shooting the TMI episode on nail clipping at Friends 4 Life, I quickly found out  Mason was NOT a fan of getting a mani-pedi.

But I figured I would give it one more try on my own before heading back to the groomers at Petco and laying down my Visa.

Turns out, Mason was just camera shy.  He wasn’t thrilled I was cuttting his nails, but he didn’t put up a fight either.  In fact, he turned over on his back and let me clip away.  I didn’t dare get too close to the quick on my first shot because I wanted to keep his trust.

The whole thing was over in minutes.  So easy. I’m not sure why I was nervous.

(Clippers from Collar and Leash = $9.  Normal nail clipping = $20)