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August 25th, 2009 No Comments

Another video of me rambling about my day of car shopping while looking like shit.

I FINALLY decided on one, but that was only half the battle.  Financing didn’t go as well as expected. Being self-employed is not what a bank wants to hear.  But even going through the dealership, I still have monthly payments that are less than I expected because I have good credit.

Now I have to find affordable insurance.  Ugh.

In the video it makes I seem a little shocked about these two facts.  But let me assure you, having purchased 2 cars and leased one in the past, I knew what was coming.  Which I also want to point out makes me aware of the differences between leasing and buying.

The audio is a little off in the video, but I suggest you only listen anyway.  I could barely stand to look myself!  I could BARELY keep my puffy eyes open.