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Notes On Compassion — by Kyle King

August 26th, 2009 No Comments

“As women, we are hardwired to be considerate of others, serve others, provide for others. But, I’ve noticed that younger women are less inclined to consider their impact on others as much as my generation.”

“Compassion is a state of being where your thoughts & actions are with others and your perception of their struggles and/or suffering. Where your life is full of meaning and service towards those around you, where your goals include providing comfort to others.”

“Being female is a remarkable thing. We are inherently compassionate, but it appears to be being bred out of us. How can you be autonomous AND retain your natural inclination to provide tenderness and meaning to those around you?”

“The only caveat is that within the natural tendencies we possess as women, we have choices as to how to extend said qualities with a deeper understanding of the value of self orientation. Being too focused on others, or focused on others without a profound concern for self is not recommended.”

“If your focus on yourself is surface oriented, you will find that purpose becomes an idea and not a lifestyle. If you focus on yourself in such a way where you consider everything as a function of your own creative process, including being around others who are in need, you may discover that your concerns about life shift dramatically.”

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