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Swiss Ball Leg Lifts

August 31st, 2009 No Comments

Swiss Ball Leg Lifts

Francesca’s Swiss Ball pike might be a little too challenging on your upper body and/or back.

Here’s an intermediate alternative crunch using the swiss ball.


  • Grasp the ball (the bigger it is the harder it will be) tightly between your feet.
  • Place your hands under your lower back if you need them for support.
  • Engage your abs by pulling your navel towards your spine and then flatten your back to the ground.


  • Abs always in. Back always flat.
  • Breathing is important to get deep into your core.


  1. Start with your legs perpenticular to the floor.
  2. SLOWLY lower your straight legs to the floor.
  3. Pause when your feet are 2 inches from the ground.
  4. With your abs, pull you legs back up.  As your raise them, exhale strongly and pull your abs in tighter.


  • Level 1 – shoulders against the ground and only lower your legs to 45 degrees
  • Level 2 (pictured) – raise your shoulder blades off the floor
  • Level 3 – your hands go straight behind your head and grab the ball from your feet.  Lower down with the ball in your hands, then pass it back to your feet.