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August 31st, 2009 No Comments

One of the best parts about living in LA is that you don’t have to meet friends for coffee or drinks, two things your body really doesn’t need.

Instead we opt for early morning hikes or midday smoothies.

This morning I caught up with my friend Jason while hiking up “the hard one” on Runyon Canyon in West Hollywood (minutes from my house).

On the left is the final push to the top.  Running up this baby challenges even the most physically fit people I know.  The way down (on the right) is pretty easy, even if you jog down.  So I grab small rocks and do curls, shoulder presses, tricep lifts, chest presses, etc.

A full workout done in 45 minutes before 9am!

BTW, the “clouds” are unfortunately not fog or even smog.  It’s from the fires in the Valley.  We could definitely smell it, and almost opted not to hike.