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Unclogging My Pores

September 1st, 2009 No Comments

Unclogging My Pores

A few weeks ago I posted about how my skin was breaking out more than usual.  My guess was that excessive heat and sweat was the culprit.

I tried several different products of all price points to combat it, and here’s a regimen that seems to be working right now.

  • Proactiv Repairing Lotion. A gift a friend gave me when I told her about my problems.  I use it on days I’m feeling really oily.
  • Neutrogena Pore Clearing Toner. Usually I don’t use a toner with alcohol but I obviously needed something a little more aggressive.
  • Aveeno Positively Radiant Tinted Moisturizer.  Apparently this stuff not only evens the color of your skin by hiding it, but it has ingredients to actually fix the discoloration.  Honestly, I think it’s working.
  • CVS Apricot Scrub.  For the blackheads in my T-zone.  I can’t tell the difference between this and St. Ive’s.
  • Elemis Skin Buff.  The publicist who sent it swears by this stuff and now I see why.  It’s pretty rough, but I only use it once a week and my skin definitely cleaner for several days.
  • That metal thing is supposed to be the “clean” way to pick at your face (instead of using your fingers).  Usually I never pick because there is nothing to squeeze.  Until this summer….The tool has been the source of several zits, but it works wonders in the creases of my nose after a shower. That’s really the only place I use it now.

As far as using these products, here’s my strategy:

  • Morning: Honestly, I just get up and brush my teeth.  Either I’m not putting on makeup and am too lazy to wash my face, or I go to the gym where I dirty my face anyway.
  • Shower/Post workout: Wash face with CVS Scrub, unclog any huge pores with  little metal tool, wipe face clean with Neutrogena Clear Pore Toner, either Proactive or Aveeno lotion, depending on how oily I’m feeling.
  • Night: Neutrogena Gentle Foaming Cleanser, Neutrogena toner, Neutrogena Oil Free makeup remover (not pictured), Zelens lotion (not pictured), PTR Eye Creme (not pictured).

A quick note on the Aveeno lotion.  I haven’t tried the Laura Mercier everyone raves about, but I really like this one. It gives ample coverage so I really don’t need makeup during the day.

For my all time favorite facial products (most of the ones not pictured) that I use regularly. Click here.

(All products where an outside source is not listed were purchased at CVS.)