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Happiness is….

September 2nd, 2009 No Comments


  • catching up with an old friend over lunch
  • brainstorming new ideas about the future with the old friend
  • seeing a friend’s hopes & dreams come to fruition
  • plotting together to make new dreams come true
  • running into other friends and former neighbors, unexpectedly
  • eating leisurely
  • eating whatever you want without thinking about the calories or cost
  • walking in the warm sunshine in a comfortable pair of shoes
  • wearing that comfortable pair of shoes with a hot skirt
  • being reminded by your friend that you are great and that you deserve greatness
  • reminding yourself that it’s okay to have confidence and to want greatness and to never settle…
  • …..and reminding yourself that happiness doesn’t have to be some grand display of anything wrapped up with a pretty bow…that it can and most often is just as simple as a lovely meal with a friend…

What was your happiness today?