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September 3rd, 2009 No Comments

— By Nutritionista

Recently, I wrote in my Profile of a Healthy Eater that my favorite method of cooking is roasting/baking. Why? Because it’s so versatile, easy, and healthy. You can bake or roast almost anything, from vegetables to fruit to meat, nuts, and even grains with just a little bit of oil. All you need to bake or roast most things is a baking sheet, casserole dish, or piece of aluminum foil and an oven. Prepare your food item (usually with a little olive oil, salt, and pepper for savory dishes), stick it in the oven, and basically forget about it for 30 or 45 minutes. Another bonus? Minimal cleanup. Though there are a plethora of foods that taste amazing when baked or roasted, here are some of my favorite (EASY) dishes:

  • Roasted chick peas: Add to salads, coat with curry sauce, or just eat them plain as a snack!
  • Kale chips: These make a great snack or side dish when you want veggies but don’t want to put in much effort.
  • Baked chicken tenders:Definitely as good or better than any you could get in a restaurant (and so much healthier).
  • Sweet potato (or regular) baked fries: Great as a side dish for almost any meal.
  • Whole sweet potatoes: I like eating half of an SP with my salads for a little more bulk.
  • Salmon: Baking it brings out a more robust flavor, making it so tender and delicious.
  • Layered lasagnas or casseroles: These take some prep, but are totally worth it and last a single eater or couple a few days to a week. They can also be frozen in individual tupperware containers for an easy microwave dinner at a later date.
  • Tofu crispies: Baking the tofu gives it a crispier texture that works well in any dish.