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September 6th, 2009 No Comments

My outfit for tomorrow poolside at the Roosevelt. Had to put the sunnies on to get the full effect.

As great purchases usually occur (like the fabulous Ranjana Khan necklace), I had no intention of buying a bathing suit the other day.  In fact, I wasn’t shopping at all when I went to the Brentwood Country Mart to have $2 tacos with Andy.

But he sent me to see Turpan, and on my way, I passed this little number in Malia Mills that drew me right into the boutique. Clever.

Tried it on in white first then decided to go with my initial gut feeling and slipped on the print.

Bam! Loved it!

And I love that it’s a one piece. Now that I’ve taken up enjoying a Corona with 2 limes when laying by the pool, the extra coverage will come in handy.  And it’s still sexy (or at least I think it shows off the little I have in the best possible light).  The tie is my favorite part because I can do it at least three different ways.

One-pieces and vintage cuts are making a pretty strong comeback now, and I don’t believe they have to be overly revealing to be sexy.  Doesn’t the female figure do that for itself?

This was one of the the things I was trying to post the other day but my iPhone sabotaged my plan.  My Mac will not fail me tonight :)