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I Couldn’t Miss Keith!

September 10th, 2009 No Comments

Usually during Fashion Week I don’t go to many parties because I stay home and work.  BUT! Since last night was “pre” fashion week, I hit the town with my favorite teeny accessory :)

First stop Keith Lissner’s Spring 2010 collection which I will go into my first “Fashion In Full Color” video for Kodak.  I wore everyone’s favorite gown from his fall collection.  Unfortunately I didn’t get ONE picture I like in it, but you get a good idea of its grandeur here.

After a quick change it was off to the Soho Grand for the Preen party which really didn’t get going until after we returned from the Anna Sui for Target soiree down the street.

Usually I’m a fan of the designer collections that hit the rack at Target boutique, but Anna Sui’s pieces really only looked good on the models.  Footage to come in the first “Fashion in Full Color” video.

As for me, I loved my first outfit.  Head to Toe:

  • Earrings from Bendels (I bought them at least 4 years ago)
  • Tahari tube top (yep, TUBE top)
  • DVF harem pants (their first night out ever)
  • Dior belt from Encore
  • YSL shoes
  • Moe “Camy” clutch

After Anna Sui, it was back to the Soho Grand where I did, as Adrien puts it, “cause a little trouble.”

And finally, because NO ONE was serving good food, we went to Cafeteria and indulged in the notorious mac ‘n cheese.

Of course there were several other events I didn’t make, but that’s usually the case.  Tonight, if it doesn’t rain, I’ll be bouncing around town to a few for Fashion’s Night Out. (Fingers crossed it doesn’t rain.)