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Food Trends – Fall 2009

September 10th, 2009 No Comments

— By Nutritionista

As one of my favorite shows dictates, in fashion, you’re either in or your out. Well, turns out, the same goes for food. In honor of Fashion Week, I give you the top food trends for 2009:

  • Super foods: I groan each time a new one hits the market and then gets added to everything, but there will always be some new miracle food/food group. In the past, it’s been acai, flaxseed (and fiber in general), and green tea. This year, look out for royal jelly and chia seeds.So-called super foods are definitely healthy, but they’re usually on par with other more common fruits, veggies, and grains, so there’s no need to fork over the extra cash for them.

  • K.I.S.S.: Simplicity has made a huge comback this year, much to my delight. Food companies are paring down and evoking memories of simpler times with retro marketing. Good examples of simplified food are Haagan-Dazs Five and Pillsbury’s Simply line. Whether it’s in style or not, always look for foods with few ingredients (that you recognize!).

  • Going locavorian: Farmers’ markets and local food continue to grow in popularity. Find a market near you here.

  • Recessionista eating: With the current economy, people are ever more cost-conscious about their eating habits. People are going out to eat less and cooking at home more. Shoppers have also been trading down at grocery stores and switching to private label brands. Coupon clippers, keep your scissors out. You’ll need ‘em. But try to budget organic foods whenever possible. Keep the Dirty Dozen list at hand to know when to buy organic and when you can get away with conventional.

  • Comforting foods: Comfort foods (think mac & cheese, spaghetti, mashed potatoes, etc.) have been in style because they’re satisfying and relatively cheap in hard times. Unfortunately, comfort foods are usually low in veggies and high in calories, so try these upgraded healthy comfort food recipes.

  • Customization: From build-you-own-pizzas to self-serve froyo, customized foods are definitely in. I think this is a good thing. It’s easier to eat healthy when you have more control over what’s going on your plate.

  • Travel by tastebuds: Can’t afford a trip overseas? No problem. Ethnic foods and restaurants are gaining popularity in grocery stores and cities across the U.S. Expand your horizens and learn to cook another region’s cuisine. My favorite easy-to-replicate DIYs? Thai, Greek, and Indian. Trader Joe’s sells great pre-made curries that can be used to spice up almost any dish.

  • Going green: Thanks to books like Food Matters and movies like Food, Inc., people are increasingly aware of the effect food has on their bodies and the environment. Whether it’s buying sustainably grown produce and meat or following Mark Bittman’s vegan before dinnertime plan, green is the new black when it comes to our diets.

Have you noticed any other food trends?