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Notes From The Front Row

September 11th, 2009 No Comments

Final Front Row Notes – Day 1

  • Ports 1961

As expected, Ports 1961 did not disappoint.  Designer Tia Cibani said she was inspired by Japanese culture which was quite obvious with the bamboo accents and obi belts.  I absolutely loved the geometric silhouettes which made up for the shift dresses that usually only look good on models.

  • Rosa Cha

Vintage cuts were revived for the modern woman with the strappy construction and neon colors of the suits.  However, even with the electric yellow and tangerine, the collection as a whole was neutral and very approachable for anyone.

Want to see the details for yourself?  Check out my HD footage in my daily “Fashion in Full Color” shot with the new Zi8 Pocket video camera.  You can see everything I did sitting on the front row crystal clear!

Look for the video up tomorrow morning!

For Adrien’s more detailed account of how it all went down today, click here.