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September 12th, 2009 No Comments

You didn’t actually think I had forgotten about college football amidst the models and mayhem did you?

I have a plan!

Although I am not hitting the tents until the afternoon, I won’t be able to take the day to sit on my ass, drink an ice cold Corona, and watch my boys throw around the ole pig skin.  Or watch anyone talk about it for that matter.

Turns out, I really need to sleep and get at least an hour of exercise in over watching TV.  Thankfully G has a DVR so I can replay and listen to GameDay after the gym as I get ready.  Then after day 3 at the tents, Otto and I are sprinting as fast as I can go in heels to his place to watch the USC v. Ohio State game.  Any spare time on Sunday will be spent watching GameDay Final.

Not the ideal scenario, but I’m just thankful to have friends with DVRs.