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My Thoughts On Martha Stewart

September 14th, 2009 No Comments

“Martha Stewart is one of the most normal people I have met at fashion week.” – Me


Finale at Chado Ralph Rucci – with Mary Rambin and MARTHA FREAKING STEWART next to us.

We’re still not really over that, Mary and I.

I tried to play cool when I first sat down next to Martha.  But how do you do that exactly?

Julia and I kept saying “holy shit” back and forth as quietly as possible for a solid minute before I calmed myself down.  Then I took a breath and listened to her.  She was talking about face cream and giggling about Andre’s robe. She seemed pleasant.  So when she turned my direction, I introduced myself, and we chatted until the show started.  Surprisingly, Martha is very personable. I was instantly at ease and in full force blogger mode by the time the show started.

What do you talk about with THE Martha Stewart you ask….

We chatted about Ray Liota, gardening, and how Andre Leon Tally looks like “An African King” – her words, not mine.

You’re probably thinking Ray Liota…why?  Well, when I lived with my boyfriend a couple of years ago, he would put the Today show when he left for work so I could get going (our bed was super comfy). I’d pull my laptop in bed  and the tv would be background noise.  By the time I was out of the shower and getting dressed Martha would be on.  Honestly, at first, I cringed.  Even though she isn’t the most natural on camera talent, you can tell she is being herself.  In time, she grew on me.

So the other day at the gym, I noticed Ray Liota was on her show and I plugged into the elliptical to see what they were chatting about.  She was shocked I knew that he was a recent guest (I knew she would be), so I used it as a conversation starter.

Who knew that one moment in life would be useful!

Bottom line: Martha is one of the most normal people I have met at Fashion week.  I have always thought I might run into her someday, somehow.  Not like this, but I really couldn’t have asked for a better experience.  Much love to you Martha.