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September 15th, 2009 No Comments

Looking back on the 4 shows I saw today, I really only enjoyed one.  It doesn’t really matter which one.  Here’s my issue:

I can be as critical as the next fashionista and rip some designer to shreds, but I find that hard to do in writing.

Let me explain.  When you proclaim “I didn’t like it,” you’re stating a first impression which should not be offensive to the designer or your audience.  That’s just how you feel. But after you interview the designer and/or research their inspiration and/or hear about their passions, you are able to see more than just the aesthetic of the clothes.

So, at that point, to write that a collection is “bad” or “uninspired” is A) relative and B) a personal insult.

As a designer myself, I can tell you from experience I was never offended if someone didn’t like my design.  “To each his own.”  And honestly, if they didn’t think the quality was up to snuff, I let that slide (although they probably had no idea about manufacturing or leather).

When it comes to a designer showing at the tents, you know they’ve earned the right to be there.  As you watch their collection pass on the runway, you absorb, process, and make a snap decision.  But before you arrive at a conclusion about the designer and brand, you really should consider the circumstances around which the collection was created, the goals the designer was trying to achieve, and the quality of their work. Then at the end, you have to decide, are you judging the pieces or the collection as a whole.

  1. All four designers today were inspired in some way shape or form and displayed their concepts well.
  2. Each piece was created at the highest quality.
  3. Coherency was questionable at one show, but otherwise dead on.

So, my conclusion is then:

  • Three out of the 4 shows succeeded in their mission with flying colors.
  • One collection left me breathless…in a good way.
  • Three collections, while all impeccably made, were not in line with my style.

Damn that sounds bland….and so PC. But it’s just how I feel. And it’s odd that it has taken me so long to convey this when I feel like I have known it all along.