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G’s F-ing H-O-T Jacket Head to Toe

September 18th, 2009 No Comments

NYFW Spring 2010 Day 8

G’s F-ing H-O-T Jacket Head to Toe:

I never realized how amazing this jacket was until I slipped it on. It feels so yummy! Then I walked outside, and every other person stopped me to say “Wow, that’s a great jacket.” Indeed it is!

  • G’s leather cropped jacket
  • Vintage Pucci nightgown (from Jen)
  • Spanx (because it’s a little see-through)
  • Calvin Klein faux croc heels

Julia’s “I’m so tired of this dress” Head To Toe (her words not mine):

  • Aqua dress
  • Tights
  • Top Shop suede boots

After much discussion about it yesterday, I think we’ll be seeing a new Julia Allison style emerging in the upcoming months.  I don’t know about you, but I excited for this little bunny!

(Photo taken on the Isaac Mizrahi runway.)