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College Football On This Sunny Saturday

September 19th, 2009 No Comments

From fashion to football….I cover every extreme! haha.

Last weekend when I was hung over, there was no question I was going to spend the day in a dark room watching college football.

However today, I’m FINALLY rested AND it’s a beautiful day AND the games won’t be very exciting to watch.  Don’t misunderstand me, they’re critical because there are only 11 games per season. Teams must get a W to maintain a solid schedule (and maintain the strength of their division.  Do you hear me Oregon, Arizona….)

Texas v. Texas Tech would be worth watching because Tech beat UT last season, and despite the fact that Texas is #2, I’m not convinced they live up to that ranking.

USC v. Washington should be interesting for several reasons:

  • Steve Sarkisian, the head coach of Washington, used to work under Pete Carroll. Steve says he has adopted Pete’s “relentless” nature.  Pete says it’s “a sign of respect” that he wants to “beat the heck out of him.
  • Carroll has yet to choose a starting quarterback. (Corp or Barkley) I don’t like not having a seasoned QB.  We can’t rest a whole season on Joe McKnight.
  • USC usually beats Washington by a 19 point margin.

USC is starting now! So I’ll hang in until they get a big lead before I hit the beach.

Looking for a little more detail on other games.  Check out Tom’s analysis and blog throughout the day.


I’ve been sick all week so I haven’t researched a lot of the games like I normally do. Actually that might be a good thing. So here we go with a lucky 7 games that start at 3:30 or later, but no over/unders this week:

  • USC giving 19.5 to Washington. I feel like USC covers or doesn’t cover just to spite me. Really annoying.
  • Mich St. getting 11 at Notre Dame. I trust N.D. to cover as far as I can throw Charlie Weis. ‘Nuff said.
  • Take Va Tech giving 3.5 against Nebraska. Nebraska has to go on the road for the first time today. Not the place to do it. Blacksburg, VA. was by far the scariest place I have ever attended a game as a visiting fan. It is nominated yearly to be named the 7th ring of hell.
  • Take Florida giving 30 to Tennessee. I would be tempted to take this as either a first or second half spread which means if you have the option to take either half of this game for 17 or less points, jump on it.
  • Take Arkansas in a pick ‘em game against Georgia. I said I liked Arkansas as an upset team this year so I have to stick to my word, as I lose half a dozen followers in the process.
  • Take BYU giving 6.5 to FSU. BYU has a chance to be a legit national contender this year. By legit national contender, I mean get to a major bowl and be blown out by 3 TD’s
  • Take Texas giving 17.5 to Texas Tech. Terrible prime time game considering how many more interesting games there are at 3:30 today

Special over/under bonus as I may be betting this way today rather than spreads,  but I just need more time to do some research. However, this one I like. Take the over on the 56 points in the Cincinnati vs. Oregon State game. Two top 25 teams with great offenses, This may be one of the most entertaining & competitive games of the day. Enjoy!