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Be Inspired Today

September 23rd, 2009 No Comments

Sometimes we wake up in a rush and forget to find some sort of focus for the day.  What is it we NEED to accomplish today, and what are the things we would like to get done.  A lot of times there is a gray area, but it’s nice to prioritize.

Then you have to assess whether or not you have a desire to do these things, or you just have to will yourself into progressing down that to do list.

It sounds silly that you would need inspiration to get through the day, but I’ve discovered it’s the one thing that will keep you going with confidence and strength of mind.

During Fashion Week, I wanted to crawl into a ball at times so I willed myself to carry on. Then I had to refocus – I knew I would be able to use these 10 days of work as the foundation for the next 6 months when approaching new projects. Couple that with your supportive emails, and I was inspired not to get into bed, but instead get in the shower and dressed for a morning of shows.

This morning, my day seems to be full of busy work, which is no fun at all.  The good news is I don’t have to get fully dressed and put on a pound of makeup to accomplish it – but that’s also the bad news.  The routine helps me make progress without having to turn my brain on yet.

But then I look to my bedroom door….I’ve opened it so the dogs can go in and out (although they’ve chosen to stay bundled up in bed with me).  The sun is streaming in my bedroom and the birds are chirping – both beckoning me to come outside.  These are two qualities of life I didn’t have in NYC, but I appreciate every day I spend in LA.  And it’s this little thing that puts an extra spring in my step so I don’t will myself out of bed, I hop right up gladly roll out to begin my day.

Your inspiration will be different, but I encourage you to find something in the morning that helps you achieve your goals.  Attempt to make it something in your physical space at home or the office.  We can all find things we love online.  But having something tangible that is truly yours will not only motivate you to work through the day, but it will also help you to find gratitude and satisfaction in what you already have.