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I’ll never get used to this.

September 25th, 2009 No Comments

[Scene – F train stops at Broadway/Lafayette, very pregnant woman gets on, all seats in the area are filled by men. Train stops at West 4th, by this point no man has gotten off or attempted to give her a seat. She’s clutching the pole and her belly]

Me: (looking slightly peeved at closest 3 men) Do you think any of you might be willing to get up and give her a seat?

Man #1: What? Why?

Me: Isn’t it obvious.

Man #2: If she wanted a seat she could ask.

Me: I’m sorry I don’t think she should have to.

Man #1: This isn’t the ‘olden days.’

Me: Oh so, because women can now vote you shouldn’t relinquish your seat to a pregnant woman? (Pregnant woman is half cheering me on/ half horrified. A man finally gets up – Man #3 – she thanks him and sits down)

Man #2: Women don’t want men to hold doors or give them their seats. It’s anti that feminism garbage.

Me: I don’t know who told you that but for future reference if a visibly pregnant woman gets on a train and it’s muggy and she looks exhausted or even if she doesn’t – OFFER HER A SEAT. It’s beyond the right thing to do.

Man #1: Why do you care? Are you pregnant? You don’t look it.

Me: No, but my good friend Georgina is and I swear to God if this ever happened to her and I was there this convo would have escalated awhile ago.

Man #2: (Mutters something about liberal women.) I turn back on my ipod.

[What is wrong with people??? Why isn’t it instinctual to give up your your seats to elderly people, injured people, and/or pregnant women? Am I missing something?]