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September 25th, 2009 No Comments

As much as you want to reach for the nearest cupcake (hell, anything solid) after a juice cleanse, it’s the worst thing you can do for your body.  All of the effort you put in to staying on course during the cleanse can be reverted if you jump right back to your regular diet.

Instead, go out and buy raw foods that will ease your body back into normal digestion.

And you’ll be surprised!

Raw foods that normally taste bland now offer you a world of flavor because you’re not craving processed sugars and salt anymore.  You will enjoy fruits, veggies, and even grains as they naturally are.

Above is my raw food menu from Red Carpet Cleanse:

  1. Grapefruit juice (OMG it was a so good!)
  2. Sprouted Apple Cinnamon Buckwheat Cereal w/Cinnamon Cashew Milk
  3. Electrolyte Lemonade (which puts Gatorade to shame)
  4. Chipotle Corn Tortillas with Mango Guacamole
  5. Rawkstar smoothie
  6. Mega Life Cesar Salad

This is a sampling of September’s 5 day Raw Food Cleanse.  Add some chicken and/or fish*, and possibly a cookie :) and you have my normal diet.  Looks great!

*It’s not suggested to eat meat right after a cleanse but ample protein is offered in the smoothies and food in both the juice and raw food cleanses.