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Please, NO THANK YOU NOTE necessary.

September 26th, 2009 No Comments

Recently I donated money to a politician I feel will work hard for change in the government. (The statement is purposefully general, you know I don’t talk about my personal politics.) Almost immediately I received a thank you email.  “You’re welcome it’s my pleasure, now go get ‘em tiger.”

Today I received a thank you note for my contribution.

I was instantly irritated for 3 good reasons:

  1. Part of the money I donated to this person to make a change is used to purchase fancy stationary and postage to send to people who ALREADY support their cause.
  2. Another portion of the money is dedicated to pay someone to thank me.
  3. We are trying to conserve paper and gas, reduce our carbon footprint, and meaningless waste!

This makes me think that politicians really don’t understand what we want and NEED from them.  They should be leaders who work for the greater good of the community and planet.  But this note signifies that even the good guys are so caught up in the machine (whether they want to be or not) and feel it necessary to play by the rules despite the cost.