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The Red Carpet Cleanses – Los Angeles, CA

October 1st, 2009 No Comments

The Red Carpet Cleanses – Los Angeles,  CA

(My Official Review)

As I wrote in my thank you note to September Death, the founder of Red Carpet, her 3-5 day juice cleanse and raw food menu is one of the most thoughtful I have come across in a while.

Additionally, to tailor the cleanse to your taste, she offers you ingredient lists for the juices and foods so you can opt not to have things you HATE excluded from your personal delivery.  By making the menu enjoyable for you, RCC makes it easy to stay on track!

Juice Cleansing ($90/day)

Everyday you have 6 delicious juices delivered to your doorstep by 6am.  When you roll out of bed, your eye-opener is the electrolyte lemonade that puts coffee to shame.  In the recipe, September uses flax oil to react with the sulpher in the lemon and pears to provide you with that burst of energy.

As with all cleanses, there is a re-occurring green juice component to ensure you get all of the vitamins and nutrients you need while not eating.  In fact, you get more than if you were on your normal diet.  Green juice is always my least favorite because they use celery and (more importantly for your digestion) parsley.  So of course I said, “out with the celery!” Plus she adds probiotics to help restore healthy bacteria in your system after you get a colonic.

The wonderfully sweet protein offerings – a midday banana smoothie and evening cashew milk – come right in the nick of time to keep you smiling in the midst of the tart veggies.

New to me was the “Red Juice” that is mostly composed of carrot juice.  I’ve always tried to incorporate carrot juice into my diet because of the benefits for your skin, but unfortunately it hasn’t become a staple.  After 4 days of the red juice, I saw a drastic change in my coloring and pores.  As one friend said, “you’re glowing!”

Overall, I love the variety and nutritional value of the menu.  But more importantly, I was only hungry 1 out of the 4 days I juiced.  The combo of veggies, proteins, and superfoods in the mixtures kept me more than satisfied!

5 day Raw Food Cleanse

I completed 2 days of raw food after a 4 day juice cleanse to ease myself back into eating whole foods without shocking my digestive system.

The menu consists of 3 meals and 3 juices that more than fill you up for the day.

Honestly, I can tell you I would have no idea these were raw and ridiculously healthy meals if I wasn’t told so beforehand.  September’s experience in the kitchen really shines in her wraps, salads, and even sweets. Although some don’t look appetizing, I can tell you the actual wrap pictured above is delicious!

If you’re afraid cleanse with straight juice or just need to get your diet back on track, I would highly suggest trying this out for a good detox.

Supplementing Your Cleanse

In order to fully cleanse out your system, I believe it’s important to exercise lightly (yoga is especially helpful for deep cleansing and blood flow), sleep at least 8 hours a night, schedule a colonic, and if possible get a massage.

I know you’re hesitant to do the colonic, but it really goes hand-in-hand with a cleanse.  The juices release the toxins you store in intestines but can’t fully push them out without the fiber.  You also could be storing parasites (especially you sushi lovers), which is not a pretty thought.

For a look at my first experience and reaction to a colonic, watch this video.  I’ll be posting a new one soon to introduce you to “the open method,” which I find to be even more gentle.  In LA, I went to Healing Waters for this treatment and found it to be very helpful.

In the future, RCC will be offering a package that includes options for colonics at Healing Waters and home massages from Julia (who has remarkably healing hands).