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Fall Back In Love With….

October 1st, 2009 No Comments

Fall Back In Love With….

I posted this list last year (my comments are in italics), and am so happy to revisit it right as fall returns to NYC.  I had forgotten about a couple of these places.  So now I’m going to revise my statements just a bit. I’ll actually miss their warm dishes as the cold weather sweeps over the city.


What they all have in common: REALLY FRESH AND AMAZING FOOD, GOOD WINE LISTS, SO STYLISH, $$$$. But I feel like most of the good places in NYC are expensive.

Irving Mill 116 E. 16th St., nr. Irving Pl.; 212-254-1600.  Quiet during the week, but packed on the weekends.

I’m not sure if it still gets busy, but I’m going to bet the southern-comfort-with-style is still noteworthy. The food is heavy and perfect for fall!

Little Owl (pictured above) 90 Bedford St New York, NY 10014 (212) 741-4695.  Definitely need a reservation; there are probably only about 10 small tables.  But worth the wait for the fresh Italian fare.

Hands down still on my top 10 list for NYC. Always puts me in a “New York State of Mind”

BLT Market 1430 6th Ave 212) 521-6125 The restaurant is in the Ritz, but it’s not stuffy.

My favorite of Laurent Troundel’s BLT offerings.  Like any good “market” restaurant, the menu is seasonal and always fresh.  However, I spoke to Laurent and he assures me the cod will continue to be a staple on the menu.

(The BLT in Los Angeles is a complete disappointment.)

Primehouse 381 Park Ave S NY 10016 (212) 824-2600.  My favorite steak in NYC, but I haven’t been to the classics: Peter Lugar’s, etc.  But what I do know, is the place has great steak and amazing people watching!!!

Haven’t been here in a while either so I can’t report on the scene or the steak.

Zoe 90 Prince St at Mercer (212) 966-6722 Not by any means chic, but it’s Meghan and I’s Soho hangout.  They have a great wine list and a good variety of food.  And now we know everyone there!

Maya 1191 1st Ave (212) 585-1818. Really good “Mexican” which means not really true Mexican, but still tasty.  I also really like Dos Caminos (same owner as Primehouse) and La Esquina in Soho (which you need reservations for downstairs dining.)

I had totally forgotten about Maya, which was a pleasant surprise to find such a chic Mexican spot that delivered on food and atmosphere.  Rosa Mexicana fails on both levels in my opinion.

Mercat 45 Bond St # A (212) 529-8600 The best tapas I’ve had thus far, and a fun atmosphere.

Macando has won me over as the go-to for tapas.  I might go so far to say I prefer it to Casa Mono because the menu offers so many different flavors, the atmosphere is interesting and you don’t have to sit on top of the table next to you. And, this is a big one, you don’t have to wait an hour for a table on a random night.

Stanton Social 99 Stanton St (212) 995-0099 This is a restaurant with a club upstairs. AND, the BEST comfort food.  There are these French Onion soup dumplings that melt in your mouth.  Creative sliders, and chicken and waffles. My mouth is watering now!!

I ONLY go back for the sea bass skewers during happy hour.  Delicious!

Places that aren’t a must, but really good: Bella Vitae, Josie’s, Sapporo East, Citrus, Kittchenette (my favorite brunch), Nobu Tribecca (amazing food, but the restaurant isn’t cozy), Blue Hill, Public, Frankies’s

I must apologize to Frankie’s 17 for not recognizing their restaurant on Clinton as highlight of NYC.  To me it truly exemplifies what dining in NYC should be.

Places I want to go: Daniel (THE NYC restaurant), Bouley, Peter Lugar’s, Babbo

Babbo is now a favorite, but I have yet to try the others.

Places I thought were not all they were cracked up to be: Bond Street, Bobo, Mr. Chow, Asia de Cuba (much better in LA), Asiate, L’Impero (which is now closed), Allen and Delancey (I believe the chef left, but I can’t recall where he went.)