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Get Your Hands Dirty!

October 5th, 2009 No Comments

Get Your Hands Dirty!

You don’t JUST have to strengthen your legs on a hike.  Why not make it a total body workout!

Find rocks that weigh about 1 pound each and do arm exercises while you walk (especially down hill).

Here are the four two components to these movements:

  • Try to keep your arms in one plane so they are paralell to the ground or an imaginary wall.  A good way to do this is by maintaining 90 degree angles at your joints. THIS INCLUDES YOUR WRISTS! (See yellow arrows.  The red arrow is where my form was incorrect.)
  • Pull your abs in so you don’t hunch when you get tired.  (See green arrows)
  • Your arms will bounce as you walk so try to stabilize them.  You won’t be able to, but this will make the light weight and high rep workout a challenge.
  • Relax your neck so you use the proper muscle groups.

The exercises:

  1. Shoulder raises. Keep elbows at 90 and simply raise arms up down with your shoulders (NOT your traps – the muscles by your neck).
  2. Chest press.  Elbows stay in line with shoulders so arms stay parallel to the ground.  When you push forward, squeeze your pecks.  Pull all the way back and squeeze shoulder blades.  Works front and back delts (shoulders) and chest.
  3. Bicep curls.  This is your recovery. Only do this when your shoulder get tired.  Keep elbows in.
  4. Tricep hold.  All you have to do is extend your arms behind you as high as you can.  Do not press your arms up, just hold them up.  When you walk your ams will want to bounce, you try to keep them steady.  Abs need to be tight and try to keep wrists as straight as possible.
  5. Shoulder press.  Arms at 90, pull them back and squeeze shoulder blades.  Raise ALL THE WAY up – full extension.  Then bring down to just under 90 degrees.  Make sure to pull with your lats (outside back muscle) on the way down.

Do as many of each until your arms are dying.  Switch movements.  Bicep curls are your last resort for when you REALLY NEED a rest.

Obviously you don’t need to be hiking to do this.  As I showed you in a video earlier this year, you can do it in bed watching Gossip Girl/Damages/Fringe.