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October 7th, 2009 No Comments

Nice puchase lady!

Honestly, Mom’s store Encore in Houston is FULL of steals. I picked up a Missoni dress for $200.

Perhaps I should blog the Chanel scarf I was lusting over to save my wallet from complete destruction….

If you’re looking for a steal, check out her blog:


For questions, call 713-334-9327 or email Terry@encorehouston.com I’ll put more stuff up tomorrow.



If I recall correctly, these are the Louboutins someone was pining for on her blog the other days. This pair of lightly worm 37.5 is selling for $225 at Encore (my Mom’s store). Give her a call if you’re still drooling: 713-334-9327. Email: Terry@encorehouston.com

i called.  left a voicemail  and i emailed.  these will be mine, oh yes they will.

update: PURCHASED and being sent to me tomorrow. HOLY CRAP! thank you blogosphere!

i’m not engaged, but when i do get married, there’s a really good chance i will prance down the aisle in these.

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