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A Local Knows Best – Washington DC

October 9th, 2009 No Comments

By Tatiana (blog: mikhailovna)

So this month’s Town & Country featured a review of D.C. They list restaurants, hotels and such that are the “best” according to them. Well, it became apparent very quickly that this person had no idea what they were talking about. They just picked all the most expensive places without any research. For example, Citronelle as a great restaurant? Please, everyone knows it’s overrated and you can get “upscale” food like that in any city. Foam? Check. Portions the size of a jar of baby food? Check. Pretentious staff? Check.

Let me share with you the real “bests” of D.C.:

Best Restaurants

Brunch: Tabard Inn – it is hands down the best brunch you can get. Homemade donuts that burn your tongue because they just came out of the fryer, huge massive portions, and a friendly and efficient staff make for a wonderful experience every time.

Lunch: This is a tie for me between The Lafayette at the Hay Adams hotel and Montmartre.

The Lafayette – this is a D.C. insider must. Impeccable food, great people watching, and stellar service make even the quickest business lunch incredibly memorable.

Montmarte – all you need to know about this place is that they consistently serve great food. It is small and it’s staff is even smaller, however that is exactly what makes it good. It tastes like food your French grandmother would make you in her country cottage, if you had one. This is as close as you’re going to get to that.

Dinner: Olives – this is one of Todd English’s restaurants. It can be summed up by saying that it is perfect every time. If you want an effortless and memorable experience, Olives is your place. Classic dishes with unique flavors.


St. Regis – the newly renovated St. Regis will make you feel at home without a doubt, your luxurious and glamorous home that is. It’s understated yet incredibly chic. It’s a sexy, gorgeous, and all around pleasant hotel. Clean, attentive staff, and aesthetically pleasing.

The Hay Adams– for a classic/historic D.C. hotel you have to stay at the Hay Adams. It is everything you would expect. A lot of history, class, and beauty. A wonderful hotel that will make any D.C. experience unforgettable.


Freer & Sackler Galleries – if you want to see something extremely unique and that you may possibly never find anywhere else you have to head over to these two incredible galleries. They are very small and not very well known, however I have seen some of the most amazing exhibits there. Not your run of the mill museum experience. *Tip: check out “The Peacock Room.”


George Washington Parkway – there is nothing more breathtaking than the view of D.C. from the parkway, especially in the spring. The nature is breathtaking and the Potomac makes D.C. look magical. Great spot for biking or kayaking.


Urban Chic – this boutique is becoming more and more well known for it’s attention to trends and very friendly and helpful staff. A must if shopping in Georgetown. All the latest party dresses and jeans are always well stocked. Occasionally you can get a pretty good deal too!

All in one experience

Eatonville – this is the ultimate D.C. experience. It has everything art, music, food, and history. Take in the hand painted murals, the live jazz, and fried green tomatoes while looking out upon U Street. This is the ultimate.

P.S. The reason obvious places like Ben’s Chili Bowl are left off is because they were featured in the magazine and most people know about it anyway. I wanted this list to be things that you wouldn’t know by just doing a quick google search.