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Why Apple Wants Your iPhone to Get Stolen. (Reblogged)

October 12th, 2009 No Comments

Only the main points in Sarah’s story are below.  Details were deleted at the “…” To see the whole account, visit her blog.


On Friday night I had my iPhone stolen….

According to the Soho Apple store, because they make so much money off selling people new phones after theirs are lost/stolen. (!!!)

This is obviously a flawed logic because even if a person stole my phone and Apple refused to reactivate it, I would still have to buy a new one. So they’d STILL get a new phone sale out of me.

The reason why it is important for them to refuse to activate a stolen phone (and verify identity on all devices that are activated/reset) is that it discourages theft. Making it even a tiny bit harder would maybe make someone even slightly more unlikely to snatch up another person’s phone. Isn’t that worth it to Apple from a pure customer safety perspective alone? Don’t they want to do everything they can to protect their customers?

Sarah, I believe on the 3Gs that you can actually locate your stolen phone yourself if you install a certain application.

Is this right?