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October 12th, 2009 No Comments


Tracking Trends : Jeans for the Tall Folk

To be honest, I’m stunned at the selection of jeans available in 36” and 37”-inch inseams these days. Go back 4-5 years and you had maybe 4 or 5 styles available. Now? Hundreds! Sure, you have to do some serious searching, but at least they are there—available—purchase-able! It’s nice being 5’11”, but dang! My legs are long and it’s hard to find jeans especially. Here are some of my picks:

  1. Anemone Straight-Leg Jeans – $216
  2. Banana Republic Trouser Jeans – $90
  3. American Eagle Skinny Jeans in “Pure Medium” – $40
  4. Neottis Treated Jeans – $253
  5. Bamboo Skinny Jeans – $216
  6. Truck Jeans Stretch Skinnies – $40
  7. Spoon Jeans Extend-Tab Trousers – $35
  8. Vigoss Stretch Bootcut Jeans – $40
  9. Alloy “Rip & Repair” Skinnies – $40
  10. GAP Real Straight Jeans in “Medium Wash”  – $60

I’m sending this to my Mom who is 5’11”.  She has the hardest time finding jeans that are long enough.

This also gets me thinking I have been meaning to go into Gap and try on their new cuts to see what all of the fuss is about.

Great work Jaclyn!