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October 13th, 2009 No Comments

SMOKIN’ HOT MAKEUP – Getting the Perfect Professional Application

In NYC and LA, publicists are more than happy to send an artist my way to give me a flawless look, but in the real world, that’s just not how it goes.


I’ve had my makeup done by at least 50 artists in my life.  My favorite has always been Georgeann who has been giving me a show-stopping look since high school.  I followed her to several different brands, but she always used makeup from all over the department store floor.  Because she had been sprucing me up for a decade, she knew my face and style.  People would come up from across the room to compliment my eye color and long-lasting, luminous lips.

Now, she no longer does makeup so I was left to find someone new in Houston I can trust.

Here was my secret to finding a makeup master:

  1. I went up to the high-end designer floor at Neimans, sought out a long-time sales associate, and then asked if she would be so kind as to introduce me to best artist on the floor.
  2. She gave me a couple of brands to choose from.
  3. Knowing that it is a courtesy to purchase makeup after you get a makeover, I chose a brand I knew I wouldn’t mind spending $50 at – Chanel.
  4. Made an appointment and came back the next day with my dress and jewelry in hand.

Now you need to decide on a look.

  1. Ask the artist to give you 2-3 options of colors and levels of drama.
  2. Choose one that sounds like a glammed up version of what you usually wear.  You want to feel comfortable, not like a clown. (Smokey eyes + light lip OR basic eyes with bold color lip)
  3. Tell the artist you want extra coverage.  Everyone knows you’re wearing makeup so it’s ok to go a little heavy when it’s a formal event in a dark atmosphere.  You’ll look flawless in the pictures.
  4. If you chose the natural lip, make sure there is some color in the lipstick. Totally nude looks good in person, but not in pictures.


You need them to be the icing on the cake.  I’ve worn several different brands, and I’ll tell you these Shu Uemera (Brown Luxe $20) put Mac and all the rest to shame.  Purchase them while you are getting your makeup done and for no additional cost, the specialist at the counter will apply them for you (thank goodness!).

I also advise you let her choose the style for you, and don’t go too dramatic.  Even thin lashes will make your eyes pop.  Because I’m blond, the specialist opted for a natural weave in brown instead of black.  I was hesitant at first, but she was absolutely right that the brown defined my eyes softly.

During the application, ask the specialist to give you tips on re-applying them later. You’ll be able to wear the same pair several times.

Lip Lock

You want your lipstick and gloss to last as long as possible. So just be concious of it when drinking and eating.  I know, it’s hard to not look awkward at first, but you’ll be a natural after a few events.  Practice at home!


I am loving a warm palette of bronze, mauve, and gold for fall, so it was a no brainer to pick up a few palettes after my makeover.

To get my look above:


In the end, I spent $104.50 (plus tax) on an amazing makeup-application by 2 artists and walked away with great products I can wear for months (the shadows will last years actually!).  Compare this to the $100 you would have spent on just the artist to do your makeup at a spa/at your home and you see you got a great deal!