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October 18th, 2009 No Comments

(here comes Halloween)

I’m not a fan of Halloween….not sure why.  I used to love getting dressed up. My favorite costume of all time was Paula Abdul in which I looked nothing like her, but my mom let me spray paint my long blond hair brown, so I was satisfied.

I think it’s one of those holidays where you set your expectations too high and usually get let down. (Then suffer from a nasty hang over because you were trying to drink away the bewitched evening). In fact, I know that’s the case here.

Last year, well….that was one of those things you do for your friends because she begs you.  In the end, I did have fun making the Muskateer costumes (ironically I “convey my animosity” for Halloween in that post as well), but wearing them was a whole other issue.  Once we got out into the freezing night in our mini skirts and beaded bras, I said to myself, F-it.  Let’s rock (I’m not a total stick in the mud).

Sorry to be a “Debbie downer” here. I would just rather be silly and fun everyday than have a special day so guys can overindulge and grown women can dress like sluts only to crowd the streets and do something they will likely regret.

“Kid” Halloween, now that’s fun.  Cute kids in costumes, love that.  Maybe I should hit the family scene for the holiday.  G, how’s the bun in your oven?  Kidding.

Ok, this is a long pointless post.

I wanted to draw your attention to this very cute and clever writeup from Jaclyn who offers decor so you can celebrate in style.


Halloween at the Day House

Our neighborhood is very family-friendly and just chock-full of kids, so I’m expecting a good candy crowd, which is excellent because I got some great decoration ideas from Martha Stewart.

Here’s what I’d like to do:

  • Tin-Can Jack-o-Lanterns – I love how Martha tries to bring classy to pumpkin carving.
  • Paper Mice – Between the silhouette curtains and paper mice lining the stairs up to our front door, I’ll be surprised if any kids dare to knock for candy!
  • Silhouette Curtains –  I’m going to put the fear of God into those neighborhood kids and if anyone gives me any trouble, I’m blaming Martha!
  • Shimmering Pumpkins – Metallic-painted pumpkins are about as trendy as you get for Halloween decor.