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The Next Week+ of My Life

October 21st, 2009 No Comments

Tomorrow, or should I say later today, I’m heading back to Houston to cover the Opening of the Houston Opera and attend the Houston Children’s Charity ball.

I love going to these events for many reasons.  First of all, being in Houston with my Mom and Dad is always calming. During college I rarely got to see them, so my frequent trips and extended summer stay in Houston have been a great way to reconnect with them on a daily basis instead of always having to plan something special.

Hanging out with old friends is a close second.  Goofing around with Trey and chatting with Kris takes me back, but also allows me to appreciate the deep friendship we have cultivated.  Gross, I just used the word “cultivated” when talking about my friends.  Apparently I’m in serious writing mode.

Finally, after my short stint back in Cali, I realize Houston is really my only “home.”  I’m not sure “home” is the right place for me right now.  I think we’ve established I like my gypsy lifestyle.

Which brings me to Mexico.  I’m going back to Mexico.

While I’ve been in LA, the majority of my time has been spent at my desk in my room (inches from my bed).  As it turns out, Bob’s house will be vacant for Halloween, I have no plans, and no meetings the week before.  So I’m going to work from his dining room table in Playa (which is in a different room from my bed).  Adrien also works from home, so he’s moving “home” to Playa as well.  Tickets are cheap, housing is free, and food is pennies, so as you can see it’s pretty much a no-brainer.  Other friends, including my mom!!!, will be joining us for Halloween, which is so exciting.

Right now I’m going to pack my bag, prepare Mason’s carry on, and get some shut eye.  See you on the tarmac.