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October 25th, 2009 No Comments

SNAIL MAIL 2.0 — JackCards.com

As I sent Laur Laur her card + gift via USPS, I thought to myself, E-cards are out.  Totally thoughtless and meaningless! To list a few reasons why:

  • The funny ones are never free.
  • Graphics are childish.
  • Recipients don’t open them because they know the greeting sucks.
  • Often they end up as spam.
  • No excuse for it to arrive late.

These days, people enjoy an old school congrats on their special day because:

  • Paper cards are witty.
  • Recipient knows you put thought and time into it.
  • Snail mail is cool again.

But here’s the thing. I buy tons of cute birthday cards, put sticky notes on who they are intended for, and then can’t seem to have them on hand when it’s time to sign and stamp it for my friend’s big day. Not to mention I always forget when that day is…despite my calendar alert.  (I know, I know.)

Enter JackCards.com that not only sells the funny cards I shop for in boutique shops, but also allows me to plan ahead so I don’t miss a birthday. I pick the cards, they send them to me right before I have to send it out.  Great concept for

Signing up for your calendar is free, then you just pay for the cards.