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October 27th, 2009 No Comments

Me: I need to buy a razor.
Adrien: Can I borrow your shaving cream?
Me: I don’t use shaving cream.
Adrien: What do you use?
Me: Soap.
Adrien: (Shocked) Soap??!!!
Me: Yeah, soap.
Adrien: I would get little red bumps everywhere if I used soap.

In my opinion, the secret to sexy smooth skin is actually all in the razor. I’ve tested out at least a dozen, from both men and women’s lines – Schick, Bic, Quatro, Venus, disposable, you name it! For years I always went back to the Gillette MACH3.  Until I met the Gillette Fusion in a friend’s shower one day.  He gave me a fresh razor to shave my legs and I was instantly in love.  For my super sensitive skin, this baby is the best!

Then use your favorite cream, soap, sponge, it won’t matter :)

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