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October 27th, 2009 No Comments

Reader Stacy wrote me the other day asking what kind of hats she should be considering for winter.

My response:

You have to try on a bunch then you choose which looks best. Trends in hats don’t really matter if it looks bad on your head!

The knit beret has been a fashionista favorite for a while now because it looks good on almost everyone.  Start there and then work your way around the rack to find others that suit YOU.  You should have a collection of at least three if you live in a city with a chilly season.


As the mercury drops and the winding pathways of Central Park become lined with crunchy auburn leaves the best accessory (aside from a pumpkin spice latte) is a classic knit cap to top your locks.

This rich plum beret from Hat Attack has a boho feel that’s perfect for throwing over bed head hair when braving the frigid streets for a bit of effortless style à la Carrie Bradshaw.  Pair it with a chunky knit scarf for a quintessential Fall look with just the right amount of je ne sais quoi French touch.

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