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Italiano in LaLa Land

October 29th, 2009 No Comments

Restaurants become a standard due to their food and clientle.  And when the spot is always hot, sometimes the food slips.  But when you’re calling weeks ahead to get a reservation and paying big bucks for spaghettti with meat sauce, you want it to be damn good.

The other night I ate at Dan Tana’s – a legendary restaurant in LA – and the food was horrible.  I was served an unrecognizable “white” fish and friends dined on Italian classics that tasted like Stouffer’s frozen tv dinners.

After I made the list below I realized the majority of the local favorites are still reliable, but we have to keep demanding the best from them.  Just because Halle Barry is sitting next to you or Robert De Niro owns the joint does not make chewy gnocchi acceptable.

Here I offer a list of LA’s most popular Italian restaurants

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Local Favorites: