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November 3rd, 2009 No Comments


Out of all the maternity clothes I have looked at online (and let me tell you what a fun project it’s been!) this is my favorite top.  Unfortunately it’s very expensive at $224 but I think it looks amazing.

Oh no G.  This can’t possibly be the best one?!  That pattern in person would be overwhelming, and it’s so far from any current trend.

Check out this post I wrote on maternity clothes earlier this year.  Readers had some really good suggestions on affordable and cute collections.

UPDATE: I was not trying to be offensive.  Perhaps I should offer this tip for pregnant women.  Instead of trying to find cute clothes, buy comfortable basics you can spice up with accessories.  No need to spend $200+ on ONE over-sized top when you could be stocking up on fun accessories you’ll wear long after the baby is born.  If I was the one with a kicking bun in my oven, comfort would be my top priority.