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November 4th, 2009 No Comments

Millions of dollars are spent each year at conferences that people attend to be inspired, to learn the latest memes and speak the latest jargon. They stand around in hotel lobbies, drinking bottled water and swapping business cards. They look at what everyone else is doing, and try to figure out how to apply what they see to their own particular endeavor. These conferences lead to what I call “city ideas”. City ideas have to do with a particular moment in time, a scene, a movement, other people’s work, what critics say, or what’s happening in the zeitgeist. City ideas tend to be slick, sexy, smart, and savvy, like the people who live in cities. City ideas are often incremental improvements—small steps forward, usually in response to what your neighbor is doing or what you just read in the paper. City ideas, like cities, are fashionable. But fashions change quickly, so city ideas live and die on short cycles. The opposite of city ideas are “natural ideas”, which account for the big leaps forward and often appear to come from nowhere. These ideas come from nature, solitude, and meditation. They’re less concerned with how the world is, and more with how the world could and should be.

Jonathan Harris, “Ideas,” World Building in a Crazy World (via somethingchanged)

I know you won’t believe me when I say this….but I feel like being in Mexico allows me to explore a natural perspective instead of following the ways of the city and what others in my industry are pushing.

I’d say “yeah, right” if I were stuck at a desk everyday too.  But you have to trust me.  ”Escaping the city” is not always about vacation and turning your mind off.

Adrien and I had a long talk about blogging last night and while I was advising him on what I thought HE should do, I learned a lot about what I should be doing as well.