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Total Body Definition

November 9th, 2009 No Comments

Total Body Definition — DEFINE (Houston, Tx)

If you’ve picked up an USweekly in the last couple of years, you’ve heard of Physique 57, the NYC studio (based off The Lotte Berk Method) that made Kelly Ripa’s arms the phenomenon they are today.  I took the 57 minute challenge a few times, and despite my physical fitness, each one brought me closer to the verge of tears. Read about my experience here.

Houston has never seen the likes of this kind of training until now!

Henry “Hank” Richardson just opened DEFINE, a completely green private studio on San Felipe (at Bering), to tone up Houston.

As you can see, I attended a class which included:

  1. Stretching
  2. Upper body weight workout
  3. Yoga-like lunges
  4. Hip openers, plies, and leg lifts on the bar
  5. Pilates abs
  6. Stretching

The movements were reminiscent of Physique 57, but not at all equivalent in terms of intensity.  However, I believe this is to the benefit of most people trying it for the first time.  For those of you who lift regularly, the exercises will lean you out and tone up your muscles while building strength.  If you’re looking to get back on the wellness wagon, it’s a great way to ease back into working out.

One of the women in the class who comes twice a week in conjunction with her routine of cardio and lifting at another gym said she has seen her body transform.  She is leaner and has greater flexibility.

Hank assures me he will be offering advanced classes in the near future.  But I would always suggest a jog around Memorial Park before you head in.  Heating up your muscles is always a smart idea before deep stretching.

Your first visit is free, so I give it a shot!  DEFINE offers classes all day.

(Full Disclosure: I took the free first class.)