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Supine Lateral Roll

November 9th, 2009 No Comments

Supine Lateral Roll

“Breaking Down The Workout” — Francesca Meccariello

I call this the Big Bang exercise!  It challenges your stability, strengthens your core, helps your posture and burns tons of calories Don’t be fooled, it’s pretty tough….

The Set-Up:

  • Roll forward on the ball so that your shoulders and upper back are on the ball
  • Place your feet hip width or a little wider apart.
  • Stretch your arms out, palms up parallel to the floor.
  • Raise your hips parallel to the floor.
  • Hold your tongue on the roof of your mouth to relax and stabilize your neck.

The Move:

Keeping your hips and arms level/parallel with the floor, inhale and glide your upper body across the ball from right to left.

Do this exercise for time for 30-45 sec or until proper form can no longer be maintained. You can also change the tempo from slower to faster.

Be careful not to roll so far over that you cannot maintain stability. You will roll yourself right off the ball!


  • Hold your tongue on the roof of your mouth to relax and stabilize your neck.

  • Contract your glutes, and abs to keep your hips up and in alignment with the floor.

  • The tendency will be for one hip to drop as you shift from side to side.
  • Just lift your head momentarily to adjust and become level again.
  • Once you can do it well with your feet planted on the floor begin to practice shuffling your feet from one side to the other. Feel your obliques and glutes working.

This is a fantastic exercise to superset with a prone jackknife on the ball. If you’re not sure what that is I’ll show you next time J

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