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November 10th, 2009 No Comments

Courtroom Carry-all

Remember that episode of Sex And The City when Carrie had to go in for jury duty and that guy brought a mango in his briefcase? She was dating Burger at the time and couldn’t wait to tell him about it…

All I have to offer for discussion is a banana, not exciting at all. Perhaps you would find my vitamin drink worthy of a second glance (“Ionic Supreme” from Isogenix – my mom is a believer and has been dying for me to try the products to supplement my diet. It’s pretty satisfying and full of nutrients).

But you would never know I had them because I can’t take them out of my bag. No food or drink allowed!

Otherwise, let’s see, I’m traveling with my Macbook looking lovely in a deep puple satin Speck case. As I’ve just heard, that’s also pointless. You can’t read ANYTHING in here.

PDA’s are ok on silent.

I’m saved!