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Catching up with friends on Tumblr.

November 16th, 2009 No Comments

Thanks tumblr for letting me stay so informed about the intricacies of my friend’s lives and passions.  You are so much more fun than Facebook.  I really wish my Houston friends would realize this, ditch the updates, and come join us over here in blogging land.

Even though I chatted with Sarah and Adrien today, I still felt as though I was missing something.  So I hit up their blogs to find that Adrien was f-ing lucky enough to go to the private preview of Jimmy Choo for H&M (so jealous!) and Sarah is in need of a cool gift for a client (I recommended these, which I will post about later).

Even though I’ve hung out with Mike recently, I checked out his entrepreurial blog to see how he’s aquaiting himself with the task of posting.  Honestly, he’s doing a great job!  Although a little long winded, his tips are useful, and he lays out the basics for  anyone who wants to start their own business.  For those of us serial entrepreuers, it’s a great motivation to get back to the basics and remember why we decided to start our own business. Unfortunately he’s not on tumblr, but I’m trying to remedy that.

G has been on vacay, but I’ve been keeping up with her via twitter.

Julie, Jaclyn enjoyed a beautiful weekend and have been blogging away about their style secrets and fashion cravings.  Unfortunately, Tatiana is stuck in the rain…. Ok, so I don’t know those girls in real life, but I feel like I do after reading their upbeat life blogs.

Carolyn, who usually posts the interior of other people’s homes she loves, has set up a lovely table for a bbq tonight.  What are you grilling up?

As for you Tom, I feel like you’ve gotten me back from my fanatic fashion week coverage with the scenes from last night’s fight.  It’s gross, please stop :)

Ok, now I have to get back to the real reason I sat down at my computer on this beautiful Sunday evening….good to catch up with y’all!