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Sneaking a Sip

November 16th, 2009 No Comments

Sneaking a Sip – Str8t Up Vodka

It’s not grey goose, but it gets the job done.  As reader Megan pointed out, “it’s perfect for sneaking into sporting events and concerts,” then demanded, “WHERE DID YOU GET IT?!”

Per usual, my coolest gadgets are from Googler, and he never comes to a game without a couple boxes of these babies.  He buys it here.

They come in packs of six for about $7 in flavors like Kamakazie, Lemon Drop, Mojito, and Sour Apple.  In my opinion, all of that sugar is like asking for a hangover.  Coupled with your team getting their ass kicked, that’s a pretty nasty Sunday to deal with.  So I stick to the Str8t Up stuff.