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November 19th, 2009 No Comments

Is it just me or is Twilight Dawson’s Creek with vampires?

Oh come on, the only reason you never made the association is because there is no way you would ever relate Pattison’s fraile figure to big ole Jason Van Der Beek’s head. Although they both are pretty pale….

Like DC, it even has the did-he-just-say-that-cheese ball-line comedy.  Plus a  he-only-got-that-part because of his rock hard body (no punctuation needed, see Taylor Launter’s abs above).  People actually laughed out loud in the theater for both.

In terms of story structure, it’s one of the most chaotic scripts I’ve ever seen on a big screen.  If the concept wasn’t “Twilight,” it would have never made it off the intern’s desk.

BUT! It was entertaining.  And while I still don’t understand the fanatics, it’s nice to see immortal love.

You know what was interesting….they wouldn’t allow cell phones in the theater.  We had to go back to the car and drop them off.  Then during the movie, security guards watched the crowd with infared goggles.  These days I guess that’s the only way to protect your film.  But then you have to ask yourself, “who wants to see the iPhone version of movie when it hits theaters in two days?”

Afterwards we decided to play vampires, hit up Bazaar at the SLS hotel, and sucked down a few fantastical tapas and sinfully strong martinis. (Review to follow next week.)

In conclusion my friends,  both the movie and the restaurant were magical, living up to their reputations. It was quite a fun night.