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“8 on – 50 off”

November 23rd, 2009 No Comments

Ok, here’s something to change up your lifting routine.  Instead of doing 3 sets of 12 with the same weight, I want you to try this:

  1. Get one set of weights that’s considerably heavier than your normal (or increase the weight on the machine).  Access the weight, you will be doing 8 reps at this level.
  2. Grab another set that is lighter – for girls 3-5lbs, guys 5-10 lbs.
  3. Start the exercise with the heavier weight and push to at least 8 reps.  If you can do 10, go for it.
  4. Quickly exchange the heavy for the light set and push out at least 50 reps.  Really I would like you to do it until you can’t do it anymore.
  5. Drop to the ground and do 2 minutes of abs.

Repeat 3 times.  For the last set, I challenge you to increase the weight and push out the same reps.

Advanced kids should try this with three levels of weight.

(This fitness challenge was inspired by Reilly’s kick ass spin class yesterday.)