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November 23rd, 2009 No Comments

Sometimes I find irony particularly interesting.

I’m known for my fitness tips, but just like you, some days I simply don’t want to go to the gym.  Can’t put my finger on why today.

It’s not because I hate my body as this picture might indicate.  I thought the photo was worth a comment because A) I don’t think it’s true B) I want to further procrastinate the gym.

Right now here’s how I’m feeling about my body:  It’s not close to perfect and I’m ok with that.  But there are going to be some changes made around here.  I don’t think wanting to be the best you so you feel comfortable in your own skin is hatred.  It’s respect.  It’s adoration!  Change does not have to mean from bad to good.  It can mean from good to better.

We should never rest on our laurels in any aspect of our lives.  Contentment is satisfying, but there truly is always more for us out there – new experiences, new friends, a new sense of self.  And this doesn’t mean you hate your life and need to escape it.  Let it be an exploration of the person you have become and see what’s next. Make your life epic!

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