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MTM’s New Fashion Contributor – Brandon Trentham

November 24th, 2009 No Comments

MTM’s New Fashion Contributor – Brandon Trentham

Ever wonder what the Holy-Shit-He’s-Hot guy thinks about your outfit, your hair, or even in general?  I’m not talking about the cute guy at the gym, or your friend who is good looking.  I’m talking about the drop dead gorgeous model you convince yourself must be an asshole as you drive past his billboard.

Well, I do.

Recently I’ve reconnected with my friend Brandon from NYC, and it just so happens he’s a smoking hot model AND not an asshole.  You might recognize him…He was the naked guy on that Marc Jacobs charity tee…He went out with Kourtney Kardashian for a hot second.  He’s been on billboards for Marc Jacobs and Aldo, strut the runway for Prada, Gucci, and YSL, and been photographed for mags like Vogue and Details.  On top of it all, he’s also a dj, philanthropist, and a writer.

Brandon, my all around beautiful friend, is going to contribute a fashion post every Tuesday on MoreThanMary so we no longer have to guess what the hot model thinks because we’ll already know!  He’s going to offer up new designers, tips on clever combos, and a much needed male perspective.

And if we’re good to him, maybe he’ll share his abs :)