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Your Plan of Attack for The Feast!

November 25th, 2009 No Comments

One of my fitness mentors (and the best trainer I have ever worked with) Sam Upton gives you rules to eat by for Thanksgiving.

If there’s one man who can keep us skinny when faced with a table of pie, it’s Sam.

Sam Says –

Never arrive hungry.

You are less likely to overeat and more likely to feel relaxed and ready to enjoy the festivities if you have a healthful snack or mini-meal before a party.


Decide ahead of time exactly what and how much you will eat and drink. Then stick with your plan.

Don’t panic!

If you convince yourself you’re going to pack on pounds, you’ll give up and binge or stress-eat.  Don’t let a 300-calorie slip turn into a 3,000-calorie blowout.

Don’t overeat

Strap your watch on the wrong wrist as a visual reminder of your goal; you’ll automatically eat less.


However many times your relative pleads or cajoles, reply with “No, thank you.” Repeat as needed. When she sees you’re sticking to your guns, she’ll abandon the effort.

Portion Control

Grab what you want, but reduce the amount you eat by reducing your plate size. Smaller plates = smaller portions. Simple!


Decide BEFORE hand how many drinks you will have (if at all) Stick to it. Alcohol inhibits your decision making process, giving you a huge case of the “FUCK ITS.” Would you like a fourth helping of peach cobbler with heath bar ice cream Sam? “Sure! (hiccup) why not? FUCK IT!”

Don’t Starve yourself the next day.

Make sure you get right back on track with a clean eating program the very next day. Getting on track is more crucial than fretting over last night’s calorie overload.

If you want more of Sam on a daily basis, you can email him about personal training and nutrition (LA only).  He will kick your ass into jeans you never thought would fit!