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A Healthy and Hearty (Gluten-Free!) Thanksgiving Breakfast

November 26th, 2009 No Comments

—By Nutritionista

Recently, I’ve been trying out a gluten-free lifestyle. Not because it’s “trendy,” but rather because my stomach has been giving me all sorts of problems lately, and I’m sick of it. I know it’s not dairy or meat causing problems because I had an episode about four days into Vegan Week.

I don’t know if gluten is the culprit of my stomach woes, but for now, this is just something I’m trying. It’s definitely not easy. I love my bread, pasta, and pumpkin ale (it’s easy to forget most beers are made from wheat or wheat variants!), but I’m having to experiment with other carbs for now.

Enter buckwheat. I saw buckwheat groats in the Whole Foods bulk section and bought them on a whim. Not knowing anything about buckwheat (or its groats, which is basically unprocessed/uncut buckwheat), I did some research:

Buckwheat groats are not a true grain, but rather a seed that is cooked like a grain. When roasted it is called kasha, and used in Eastern European dishes, such as Kasha Varnishkas.

Because buckwheat is not a true grain, it doesn’t contain gluten. It’s very similar to quinoa in taste, texture, and uses in cooking (see ideas for cooking quinoa here). The nutrition stats are pretty impressive (per one cup, cooked):

154 calories
1g fat
4.5g fiber
~6g protein
35% RDV manganese
20%+ RDV magnesium

I cooked the buckwheat in a 2:1 ratio of water to groats for about 25-30 minutes (or until the groats had fully absorbed the water). I threw a pinch of salt in for good measure. Then, I doctored it up just like I would oatmeal (namely, by adding peanut butter and banana). You could also go the savory route. Check out my savory oatmeal post for ideas.

Just because you know you’re going to get a big meal later in the day, don’t skimp on Thanksgiving breakfast! Cook yourself up a bowl of buckwheat groats (or whatever gluten-filled grain you prefer) and you’ll be happy and satisfied all morning.