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You don’t have to BUY a gift to show someone you care.

December 3rd, 2009 No Comments

Link: You don’t have to BUY a gift to show someone you care.

I was searching through my archives for gift suggestions to add under my new gift guide link and family and ran across this post.

In fact, as I type, I’m listening to a playlist a friend sent me via iTunes.  I guess that was a purchase, but it’s the compilation that makes me smile.  He really put thought into the songs, choosing music he knew I would enjoy and didn’t already have.

Tatiana is hand crafting the cutest holiday cards for her friends.

Don’t think you have to shell out crazy cash this holiday.  Open up your head and your heart, not your wallet.

Reader/Blogger Nutritionator reblogged this post and added:

I just delivered a speech on this yesterday! It’s not as hard as you might think to have a DIY holiday all the way down to the wrapping. Not only is this thoughtful, but more eco-friendly than store-bought gifts as well. Some great websites to check out if you’re interested in doing this:







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