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December 7th, 2009 No Comments

How are you supposed to order from a menu that doesn’t offer a description of the preparation? It’s Gordon Ramsey so I’m just supposed to trust his Spinach salad is good? What if it has fennel??! Well, I’ll let you know how it goes.

Update: The menu inside the restaurant offered the ingredients, but nothing really jumped out at us.  We ordered lattes instead.  After the meeting I hit up Whole Foods for my favorite Broccoli Crunch and  a white chocolate pecan cookie.  Both were AMAZING (yes, you heard me, amazing – which means really good, but not noteworthy enough to think of a real adjective).  I really don’t think Ramsey could beat the combo. Kidding.  I’ll go back again.  And hopefully there will be more people and decent service on my second visit.

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